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Specified services achieve above standard qualitative characteristics in the award-winning category and the EQC certificate perfectly highlights the importance of your service.

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What is for?What is for?

The certificate is intended for the products of qualitatively higher level compared to the other products available on the market.

How to apply?

Why use it?Why use it?

Information and procedure how to submit an application for the EQC certificate grant.

Rules for European Quality Certificate granting

Part A

The inspection body grants the prestigious certificate of European Quality Certificate (hereinafter EQC) for services and products of good quality on the recommendation of the certificate administrator, which is the company European Quality Certificate s.r.o.
The certificate may be granted only after the fulfillment of all conditions defined in the "Rules for the granting of EQC certificate." "Rules" are suggested and recommended by the marketing department and reputable independent professional advisors.
Certification is managed by the Marketing department. Fulfillment of all quality conditions is verified and evaluated by the inspection body. Marketing objectives and principles for the use of the prestigious European Quality Certificate are stated in "Marketing objectives and principles for the use of EQC" and in the " EQC graphical manual."

1. 1. General conditions for certificate-granting:

  • Applicant may be a physical or corporate entity (hereinafter 'the applicant')
  • Applicant for the certificate may be the manufacturer, exclusive importer, service provider or authorized representative
  • Applicant states in its application identification data according to the template stated in Part B of the "Rules" and submits statutory declaration according to the template in Part C of the "Rules". Further the applicant shall submit a copy of abstract of the Companies Register or Trade register
  • An applicant submits an application for a certificate for companies, services, products or individuals to the Marketing department of European Quality Certificate. Each application will be registered by the Department of EQC marketing. If it is find out, that the application is incomplete or contains evidently false or incorrect information, the applicant will be informed by EQC Marketing Department on specific defects and will be asked to remove them. Acceptance of applications is going continuously. Applications may be submitted electronically to EQC Marketing department, personally or may be sent by registered post.
  • Documentation which had been provided to products that were not selected for award of the certificate is returned only on written request, which will be attached to it. When there is not such written request, the EQC marketing department reserves the right shredding documents after thirty days from the issue of refusal
  • The inspection body decides about the decision of refusal. (In case that the conditions of "Rules" are not fulfilled, the EQC Marketing Department decides not to grant a certificate already in the process of custom application.

2. Specific conditions for certification of service or product (hereinafter the "Product"):

  • Registered product must comply with the applicable legislation, including applicable regulations of the European Community
  • Applicant shall provide technical documentation according to the template stated in Part D of the "Rules"
  • Product which is the subject to an application for a certificate shall be at least in one character of exceptional qualitative characteristics that enhance its added value and ensure its uniqueness in relation to the common products in the market.
    The product must also meet all quality parameters set by applicable laws and regulations. These parameters are described by applicant in the technical documentation (Part D - superior qualitative characteristics)
  • As for the products, the applicant shall submit together with the application also photo documentation of the product and the packaging used or the design of the packaging (in electronic form), whereas all the information must be seen on the packaging.
  • The applicant is required to cooperate with the EQC representatives of inspection body when checking the observance of the conditions relating to the certification.
  • Below stated products will be excluded from the EQC certification: The products whose name, brand or the way of sale are in conflict with the marketing philosophy and objectives of EQC certification, products distributed under private brands of commercial chains.
  • Product innovation that was awarded a certificate may be a reason for its suspension.

3. Supporting documents for submitting the application for the European Quality Certificate

  • Part B – signed and stamped
  • Part C – signed and stamped
  • Part D
  • Abstract of Companies Register resp. Trade Register
  • Photo documentation (in electronic form)

Independent assessment

After fulfilling all conditions specified in the rules for the certificate granting, the professional expertise...

Price forecast
... is carried out through initial analysis of meeting all quality parameters in given category determined by current legislation. Laboratory tests and the tests of certified products follow, which is followed by assessment carried out by professional committees and the statements to confirm the uniqueness in relation to the common products in the market.

Quality in e-commerce

Only awarded, high-quality e-shop is good for consumers. Give your customers a clear signal ...

certifikát pro eshop
certifikát pro eshop
certifikát pro eshop
...that just you are the right partner for the purchase, partnership or business.

Trials & tests

Apart from common standards the inspection body assesses whether the quality system meets the requirements of the relevant standards,

... meet the exceptional criteria of qualitative characteristics in given category. The company applying for the EQC certificate must ensure, among other things also ongoing supervision of customers satisfaction level, adequate counseling, support and ensure the quality of the supplied product or service.

European Quality Certificate = satisfied customer as well as partner

On the basis of this certificate, customers and consumers acquire trust and knowledge of the quality of products and services in the field of demanded sphere of activity.

Advantages of obtaining a certificate

Competitive advantage

It differentiates your product / service from others in the market and provide your customers with exceptional service and meeting the essential standard.

Sales support

Mark and EQC certificate perfectly highlight the importance of your product / service in terms of ensuring control, safety and high quality.

Customer confidence

in assessing the independent certification of quality and unique characteristics of the product / service

Confirmation of compliance

EQC stands for a certificate of an independent body and of standards and exceptional features of your product in relation to the model tested.

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